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Cranberry and white chocolate Blondies

October 21, 2010

After the recent success of the Brownies, I thought it was only natural to turn my hand to their polar opposite – Blondies.

If you’ve never heard of a blondie before, you’re not alone. But basically imagine a brownie without the cocoa powder and milk/dark chocolate, instead substituted for vanilla and white chocolate and you have a blondie.

I had found some dried cranberries in my local deli so I was all good to go. These were fairly easy to make, a bit of hefty mixing and a little bit of fiddly chopping of the chocolate were the only hurdles to stand in the way here.

Once again however I had a bit of an issue with cooking times. This time I even used the tin that was recommended in the recipe and they still didn’t cook through enough after the supposed required time. To get round this quicker I cut the blondies into squares and laid them out on a baking sheet just to get the edges to firm up but still leave a lovely fudgy consistency behind.

So in the end I was left with a gorgeous concoction of chocolate, cranberries and cake. The tartness of the cranberries offset the white chocolate well, which otherwise might have been a bit sickly. I’d recommend anything tangy to go with the chocolate but avoid something sweeter like strawberries.

I’ve gone all out girly for the photographs here with pink, pink and more pink. But I recently had a bit of a spending spree on the hunt for new photo backgrounds so look out for some exciting colours, shapes and patterns in the future.

For now, the usual gubbins:

Taste: 4/5 These got a big thumbs up from most, and were almost on a par with the raspberry brownies from the other week, I’d nudge them slightly under though as I prefer a more intense chocolate flavour overall.

Difficulty: 2/5 If you go in prepared for disaster then the outcome will surely be pleasing.

Amendments: This called for macadamia nuts, so I substituted for Brazil nuts – much cheaper and I think just as tasty (especially for someone like me who is slowly trying to train myself to like nuts).

Chance of remake: Simple to make and using much cheaper ingredients than their brownie cousins, could be a good go-to recipe in times when a quick bake is required.

This blondie recipe comes from Sainsbury’s Magazine, but you can find a great raspberry and white chocolate blondie recipe on BBC Good Food.

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  1. October 22, 2010 3:49 pm

    Yeah, I definitely like blondies 🙂 In my opinion it was second best treat from Amy, just after brownies. Wondering what would be next!

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