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Nigella Kitchen (TV) Review – Episode 1

October 1, 2010

I’d been looking forward to Nigella Kitchen appearing on TV ever since buying her book around a month ago. After an initial setback thanks to BBC2Wales daring to show rugby instead of Nigella, I finally managed to catch up 90 minutes after England. And, while I can see why some people may get extremely irritated by her (constantly smiling, cooking in her nightie, the accent), I really liked it. Here’s why.

– Whether her constant grin annoys you or not, you can tell she genuinely does love cooking, and food, and eating, and feeding people. I don’t think you can fake that, even if you do go OTT with the pearly whites.

– So what if she does cook in her silk dressing gown? I’m not sure I should be admitting this in a public forum, but I’ve cooked in much worse before – she’s a vixen and she knows it. What I found more bizarre was the cooking in the coat thing, but I guess it was to prove a point that you could knock up her Thai curry before you’ve even had time to settle in yet.

– She does give the impression of always being ever so slightly drunk. I know in the coat-cooking segment (See abobe) she’d “just been out on the town”, but she couldn’t even get a can of coconut milk open, bless her.

– Is that her real house? Who cares? She implied it was, she seemed at home in it. I know the tricks TV producers like to play on us, but even if it’s just a recreation of her real home, I like it. Fairy lights everywhere, giant store cupboard, vintage plates knocking about? In short, my dream kitchen.

– It’s indulgent. Yeah, OK, the show is not really about serious cooking, but she’s never claimed to be a chef. She bangs on about it enough in her books that she’s a cook, not a chef, so how can anybody surprised when it’s more about the eating, and the enjoying, than the processes of cooking?

– It’s only 30 minutes long. Even I would probably start to tire of her jollity if it went on for much longer, but much like the great woman says herself, everything in moderation.

You can catch Nigella Kitchen on Thursdays at 8pm on BBC2 (times may vary if you live in Wales, apparently), and 11.30 on Saturdays. Visit Nigella’s website for more information.

I’ll be doing a review of her book once I’ve finished it too – I’ve been devouring it slowly at bedtime since I bought it, and it’s such an epic tome that I’m only about half way through.

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