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Recipe overload

September 6, 2010

Well well well, what an exciting week the first week of September turned out to be…

New issues of Olive, BBC Good Food, Delicious and Sainsbury’s Magazine all hit the shelves. Not to mention, Nigella’s new book came out, and pre-orders were being taken for Jamie’s next book, 30 minute meals. And if you pre-ordered Jamie’s new book, you got one of his older ones for £5 – and I love a bargain so I couldn’t resist.

So far, I’ve only really had chance to go through the magazines, and they all seem like crackers this month. As much as I feel a sense of dread as winter approaches, there is something a touch more special about cooking in cold weather, time to whip up some warming soups, teatime treats and settle down with some chocolate, I suppose.

I’m really looking forward to reading Nigella’s book, I’m keeping it by my bed for some lovely night-time inspiration, while Jamie’s I’ll be taking on the train. The best thing I find about Jamie’s books are the photography and design. His long-term collaborator David Loftus is a photography hero of mine, and I’m yet to find a picture of his I wouldn’t like to emulate.

What are your favourite recipe books? My collection is only just starting to grow so I’d love to hear some ‘must-have’ recommendations, baking or cooking as a whole all welcome, just drop me an email by following the contact box above, or enter comment below.

Only 1 more month until another slew of magazines, and of course 30 minute meals is here… can’t wait 🙂

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