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Tana Ramsay Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe – Baked in France

August 15, 2010

French holiday special!

Finding myself in the fortunate position of holidaying in a French holiday gite, I thought it would be the opportune moment to test out my Saturday Baking Challenge skills in a foreign kitchen, without all my usual baking equipment, and shock horror, without one of my many many props.

Wanting to not buy extravagant ingredients that would be left behind, and teaming up with my boyfriend’s sister-in-law Miya, an expert in all things frugal baking, we settled on a lemon drizzle cake that we just so happened to have all the ingredients for.

And where did I find this recipe in the middle of rural France? Well, this would be my top tip for would-be travelling bakers. I took a selection of those mini booklets you get free with food magazines that despite their small stature actually manage to cram in a whole heap of recipes.

So, back to the main business. The recipe originally catered for 6, but we were many, well, 10, so we decided to times the recipe by 1.5. We left the sugar at the original amount though as the amount looked a tad scary.

Making the cake was somewhat easy, although Miya must have incredibly strong arms – the mixture seemed to be really difficult to stir (glad I managed to avoid that one). Basically, all you need to do is whack together the ingredients, bosh in a cake tin (or a glass dish as we found) and voila, first part done.

The next part was the drizzling. We didn’t have any real lemons so used a mixture of lemon juice (from a plastic lemon) and clementine juice. The resulting flavour is perhaps slightly sweeter than using just pure lemon juice, but lovely none-the-less.

So there we have it, an easy holiday bake from the simplest of ingredients. Highly recommended.

My favourite part of this challenge though was the photographs. I’m very keen to do more outdoor shoots with my food in future. I’m slightly limited by living in a flat (I dream of a beautiful garden) so this was a great chance to use the surrounding area of the gite. The next day we even took the cake to the beach – behold the great travelling cake!

Now I’m home I’m going to source out more great outdoor places to shoot. My first plan is to shoot a picnic feast in our local park, my Nan’s back garden also springs to mind as a beautiful location and I’m going to ask around friends and relations to see what they can offer. Watch this space – and get in touch if you can think of a great place to shoot.

The usual gubbins:

Taste: 3/5 A simple treat, not the most decadent cake in the world, but lovely for the beach and for ease of baking.
Difficulty: 2/5 Some hefty stirring work aside, this is pretty easy.
Amendments: Swapped lemon zest for clementine zest.
Chance of remake: I’d like to experiment with other drizzle varieties, lime drizzle cake? Passionfruit drizzle cake? Yes please!

You can find this week’s lemon drizzle cake recipe on the BBC Good Food website. Tune in for the second part of my French kitchen cooking challenges, where I make plum cobbler using plums gathered from the gite garden.

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