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The best macarons in France…

August 12, 2010

While on a recent trip to Brittany I had the most fantastic and gorgeous pleasure of visiting what is supposedly France’s Premier Macaronerie, Les Macarons de Philomene and well, even though they do say so themselves, I don’t think this is too bold a claim to make.

Now I have a confession to make. I did once try to make macaroons, but they came out so disastrously wrong, and I was so upset by the experience that I failed to blog about it. Very naughty, because this blog is supposed to chart both the highs and the lows of my baking challenges.

But tasting these delicious macaroons (the caramel were so delicious that they had all sold out, but my particularly favourites were raspberry and blackcurrant, SO fruity!), has inspired me to give it another go, or perhaps even several goes until I get the technique down pat.

Perhaps then I can one day open “the best macaroonerie in Britain!” and charge a pretty penny for my creations – our cousins across the water sell them across Brittany for €1 a piece or more – the box we bought cost a whopping €22 (£17.60) – I wonder if there would be a market for such decadence over here?

Oh well worth a try – keep your eyes peeled for my attempt at macaroons, round 2 – and this time there will be a full and frank blog about it, no matter what the outcome – wish me luck!

You can find the best macarons in France in Quimper, Brittany. Visit the Les Macarons de Philomene website (French language) to find out more.

All images © Amy Davies

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