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Baked fruit with rum – Delicious Magazine August 2010

July 19, 2010

This week’s bake was one of the least fiddly I’ve ever done. And contained just a few ingredients that I happened to have to hand. Always a Good Thing.

Baked fruit, from a “recipe” from Delicious Magazine, but really all it is, is a load of fruit chucked together with a generous helping of brown sugar, crushed ginger biscuits and, perhaps my favourite part, rum.


Bake the fruit, sugar, ginger and rum for 15 minutes, decant into a serving bowl and add a decadent scoop of ice cream.


This is something that can easily be whipped up, and it helps round up any fruit that you might otherwise throw away because ripe and overly ripe fruit are just perfect for this. You could always reduce the amount of sugar and biscuits.

We ended up having these 2 nights running, it was so simple. If only everything was.

The photographing of this bake proved a little bit more tricksy. I forgot to make this until quite late in the day, so the sun wasn’t on my side. On the next day the light still wasn’t brilliant.

If you can imagine this absurdity, we ended up having our dessert BEFORE our main to try and make the most of the available light for the photograph… and I still wasn’t overly happy, so I thought I’d go a little bit arty with the pics that I did get instead.

I’ll post more on Photoshopping your food images at some point too – if you have any specific questions let me know.

Anyway, back to the usual business:

Taste: 3/5 A little bit too sweet for my liking, but I can always experiment with different amounts of sugar. The second time we had this I baked the fruit for slightly less time, and I felt this worked better.

Amendments: None, really, although I did use whatever fruit I had to hand rather than the examples they gave in the magazine.

Difficulty: 1/5 If you can’t do this – get out of the kitchen.

Chance of remake: Whenever we have ripening fruit that is likely to end up in the bin before too long, I can see us turning to this.

You can find this recipe in the current issue of Delicious Magazine.

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