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Best ever Carrot Cake recipe – Delicious Magazine August 2010

July 3, 2010

Now, strictly speaking, making a carrot cake isn’t a fresh challenge – I’ve made one before that went down well. But this weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday, and it just so happens that carrot cake is his all-time number one favourite cake (alas it’s not mine) so when I spotted Delicious Magazine’s best ever Carrot cake recipe in the latest issue of the magazine, I took it as a sign of fate and decided it would be most prudent to make it.

And it was. This cake was slightly different from my previous effort, and much to my delight there was significantly less grating going on. Grating endless amounts of ingredients always grates me on (did you see what I did there…), so this was a welcome relief. This recipe also had a courgette in it. I almost began to trick myself into believing that cake was going to count towards my five-a-day, but I think that would be wishful thinking or blind optimism.

Anyway, to get back to the important bit, the making. This cake is in two halves, rather like a Victoria sandwich and, in the picture looked exceedingly lovely. Mine was marred slightly. The actual carrot cake itself cooked to perfection and was immensely proud. But the cream cheese filling was less so.

In a foolish bid to try and reduce the fat involved, I substituted full-fat cream cheese for the extra light version. Now while it probably tasted exactly the same, the structural integrity left a lot to be desired and almost immediately after I’d filled in the sandwich, the top was sliding off. While everything seemed to spontaneously go into slow motion, I managed to rescue the cake… only to have it start sliding off again. Desperate measures had to be taken. Cue hunting around for a cocktail stick to secure it while the boyfriend held the cake in place, failing and resorting to snapping a wooden skewer in half as a temporary measure. Delightful.

Then, as if by magic, I realised that the candles I had purchased for the top of the cake, remember it was a birthday cake were of the extra long variety, and at the risk (or pleasure) of transforming it into the culinary equivalent of the Millennium Dome, the candles acted as perfect structure savers. Unfortunately, a lot of the filling had already seeped out, but I like to think this added to the charm.

This cake was also topped by pine nuts, lime zest, and because I didn’t have any edible rose petals lying around (d’oh!) I chucked a few silver balls on to add to the glitz and glamour. I was quite pleased with the results in the end, even if, because I’m not really a huge fan of carrot cake I only had the one slice. Still, it was never for me was it?

Taste: 4/5 I’d give it a 3, boyfriend gives it a 5, so let’s call evens with a 4. If you’re into carrot cake this is a huge winner, if you’re not it’s reasonable enough.

Difficulty: 2.5/5 A fair amount of grating, tricky turning out and fiddling about with wayward icing adds up to a little trickiness, but in theory this is relatively easy.

Amendments: I made the fateful substitution of extra light cream cheese for the full-fat. If I make this again I think I’ll experiment with light and see what happens…

Chance of remake: 4/5 It probably wouldn’t be my choice to remake it, but judging from the warm reception it received, and the already made request from my sister to make her one, I will be making it again before too long.

You can find this recipe in the Delicious August 2010 issue, on sale now.

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