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Modern Trifle – Delicious Magazine June 2010

May 15, 2010

I don’t quite know how this happened, but I seemed to have made it 23 years on this planet without tasting a trifle. All that changed when we found one reduced in Sainsbury’s not so long back, and of course it was a revelation. It may not be trendy to say this, but what’s not to like? Jelly! Custard! Fruit! Sponge! A winner.

It was with much delight that I came across this recipe in the most recent edition of delicious. It was a modern take on the old trifle, and basically did away with the jelly and custard element, and added a bit of sweet alcohol. This was quite the one for messing around with the recipe as I didn’t have many of the required element. I couldn’t find any strawberries for starters, so I had to make do with blueberries and grapes. I didn’t have any grappa, so in went some amaretto. And lastly I didn’t have any pistchios so I just piled the trifle high with the leftover fruit.

This was a quick and easy fun make, more of a compiling effort than a baking challenge, the biggest effort was mixing together the mascarpone, single cream and sugar, but that was hardly tricky. One that can be quickly whipped up for a lovely after dinner treat. And I like to fool myself into thinking that with all the fruit it can’t be THAT bad for you, can it?

Taste: 4/5 Lovely sweet creamy texture and fresh fruit – oh and of course amaretto, beautiful!

Difficulty: 1/5 If you can’t do this then you should stay out of the kitchen.

Amendments: Aplenty, substituted strawberries for grapes and blueberries, left out the pistachios, swapped grappa for amaretto.

Chance of remake: Something simple like this doesn’t need to wait until Saturdy to enjoy, a good weekday treat that doesn’t take long to whip up, definitely something we’ll be having again.

You can find the trifle recipe I used in the June edition of delicious. magazine, still out now. There are plenty of trifle recipes online however, such as this strawberry trifle from BBC Good Food.

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  1. charlotteelizabethclark permalink
    May 19, 2010 12:07 pm

    Mat, I love trifle! It’ gorgeous 🙂 Try the M&S one, one day if you get chance (though I’m sure it won’t be as good as this one)

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