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Easter Special – Easter Iced Biscuits

April 5, 2010

Easter is all about chocolatey treats, slobbing about and indulging – basically a mini Christmas. Oh and there’s some religious festival going on at the same time too, apparently.

Anyway, straying from the point slightly, all this meant that this week I wanted to make something simple but extremely fun, hence simple iced biscuits. I wanted to try a different basic dough recipe from my wedding anniversary love biscuits, so went for this from Good Food instead. [continues below]

To be a little different, I split the mixture in 4 parts and added rum, almong, vanilla and peppermint flavourings for a bit of a twist. I  made the mistake of forgetting to chill the dough for the first batch, making it pretty difficult to manipulate fiddly bunny and chick shapes. It dawned on me my rookie error in time for me for the rest of the batch.

Another problem I encountered was forgetting to pick up extra plain flour so I had to substitute about 80 grams with self raising which meant that a few of the biscuits were perhaps a bit bigger than they should have been…

The biscuit shapes I used were a rabbit and chick, although you perhaps might not be able to see them so clearly in the picture… but I promise you they’re there. Once the biscuits had dried, and fantastically this dough mixture made a ton of them, with stuff that was pretty much already in my cupboard (Except the butter), it was time for the really fun part. [continues below]

I love making coloured icing and decorating with silver balls, hundreds and thousands and chocolate sprinkles. I bought some food colouring paste this time in pink, which although a little expensive is so concentrated that you only need the tiniest amount to get the colour you’re after. In this case I went for baby pink and barbie pink – and I’ve finally discovered the secret to intense red – lots of pink food colouring (using solely red on my love biscuits made them more of a dark orange colour).

So there we have it, yummy scrummy Easter iced biscuits that were fun to make, fun to look at and best of all fun to eat. Enjoy the photographs while I enjoy the biscuits 😉

Taste: 4/5 Pretty basic, and the flavourings are subtle, but still hot the spot.

Difficulty: 1/5 So simple you could get a toddler involved.

Amendments: I added four different flavourings instead of the standard vanilla – rum, peppermint and almond.

Chance of remake: Biscuits are a simple pleasure that are quick to whip up – so a remake will definitely be on the cards at some point.

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