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Delia’s Chocolate Chip Ginger Nuts

March 22, 2010

I made these after mentioning them in my article 5 edible gifts for mother’s day which caught my sister’s eye – she’s a ginger fiend.

These were also dead simple to make this week and used mostly items I already had in stock – I only had to buy some golden syrup (I would have had some of this too had I not spilled a load of chilli flakes into an open tin…. although, chilli infused ginger, could be worth a try, but it certainly wouldn’t be for the faint hearted would it?!)

The only hiccup I had with these was it seemed to be slightly too sticky during the mixing stage and I had to add extra flour while my hands were covered in the mixture – hardly the cleanest of operations. But eventually the consistency sorted itself out and I was able to roll the mixture into little balls and flatten slightly on the baking sheet – just 10 minutes later and voila they were ready.

I added extra ginger to the recipe (told you she was a ginger fiend) and even sprinkled ginger on the top of these for an extra dusting, but I would say the predominant flavour of these was chocolate with a pleasant hint of ginger – I wonder if you’d really be able to taste it if you’d stuck with Delia’s recommendation of just one teaspoon.

These were also perhaps a touch too hard, a result of underestimating how much they would harden after they came out of the oven, but still delicious none the less.

Taste: 4.5/5 I’d probably add a yet more ginger still for serious gingerholics

Difficulty: 2/5 A bit fiddly during the mixing stage if you misjudge the golden syrup amount and keep an eye on the oven timer for a better level of soft.

Amendments: I added about 2.5 teaspoons of ginger and sprinkled some more on the top, and I used chocolate chips instead of chopped chocolate (more out of laziness than anything else).

Chance of remake: I loved these, and will definitely make these again for a quick, sweet treat.

Visit Delia’s website to find out how to make the chocolate chip ginger nuts yourself.


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