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Baileys Rocky Road – delicious. April 2010

March 14, 2010

I’m in the fortunate position to have a boyfriend working in a cafe who from time to time brings home Rocky Roads. They’re good, of course, but I’ve wanted to have a crack at making my own for a while now, and when I saw this fantastic looking recipe in this month’s delicious I had to have a go – and as an added bonus I already had the pistachios left over from last week’s make!

This is another bake that didn’t require much of a stretch of baking talent, although there was a fair amount of preparation and faff with chopping (try chopping marshmallows, it’s not that simple), but rather a slopping together of some rather lovely ingredients, including the special one, Baileys liquer. Again, bonus time as I had some (fake) Baileys left over from Christmas! [continues below]

I added an extra dash of the Irish cream as I don’t think it’s as strong as the real thing, and because, well, I really like Baileys… Obviously this is a treat to be enjoyed occasionally, but my my are they beauties. I think the recipe makers used extra pink marshmallows because mine are not quite so bold, so I’ll be on the lookout for these next time I’m on a shop, but overall I’m pretty darn pleased with them.

And to top it off, my boyfriend definitely reckons they’re better than the cafe version, “there’s a much bigger variety of flavours in these than the ones we have, it’s not a uniform slab of gunk, there’s interesting textual variations” – so there we go, I can’t really say much more than that can I?

Difficulty level: 1.5/5 Simple, but an extra half slips in for the fiddlyness of chopping marshmallows up!

Recipe amendments: I snuck a little extra Bailey’s in and used less white chocolate than it suggested for the topping as I felt that a bigger amount would have not so much drizzled, but drenched the top.

Taste: 4.5/5 Because I don’t give 5 to anything really, but these are pretty close…

Chance of remake: Something I’d consider as a gift or a quick and easy make for a tea-time treat

See below for some more pictures of the Rocky Roads (click to make bigger) and find this week’s Baileys rocky road recipe in the current (April 2010) issue of delicious magazine, or on this Australian website.

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