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Impressive Birthday Baking – How to bake for a party!

March 3, 2010

Recently it was my birthday party, and keen to put my new-found baking skills to the test, I thought it’d be a fun idea to bake a couple of items for the party. Now, what I really wanted to acheive was two-fold, something that people could eat quickly and easily and something that would wow my guests.

In the end, I had to go with two bakes to meet both of these briefs – not that this is a problem! I went for cupcakes, because they’re easy, quick and fun to decorate and cheesecake, something which is easy but looks mighty impressive!

Initially, I made only one batch of cupcakes, but with only 20 cupcakes (roughly 1 each for my guests) I decided I simply had to make a second batch and the cheesecake was met with the appropriate oohs and aahs that I had aimed for, and at approximately 1am was demolished by hungry revellers – amazing.

So, some important tips for baking for a party:

– Don’t make anything overly complicated that’s going to stress you out while you’re prepping for a big event, but do pick something that looks fancy. Something like cheesecake is perfect for this – honestly it’s dead easy! This one, which was a vanilla and chocolate cheesecake was basically just melt some butter, crush some biscuits, mix together some cream cheese, fromage frais and chocolate, put in a tin and bake… doesn’t really get much simpler than that!

– Make little bites that people can nibble on throughout the night such as cupcakes, this also leaves your big bake (i.e. cheesecake) looking amazing until you’re ready to serve, and also add that kitsch element.

– Make your bakes the night before the party, if for no other reason than it allows for cock-ups to be corrected (I was lucky and didn’t have any this time though…)

– Avoid anything that contains potentially contentious flavours that don’t appeal to the masses like citrus, nuts or meringue. You probably won’t go far wrong with simple tastes like chocolate or vanilla.

– Don’t neglect your other party refreshment duties, plenty of dips, savoury treats and most importantly….drink!

So that’s it, a few tips for you – let me know if you have any more party food suggestions, I’d love to hear them – comment below or click suggestions above to find out how to contact me!

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