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Condensed milk and cherry cookies (Phil Vickery)

February 27, 2010

This was actually a recipe amended from a raspberry cookie recipe, but as I had found some cheap cherries, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them up. I’m a big fan of cookies, and wanted something to take to lunch with me as a little treat for the end of the day or at lunch, and these proved to be great for such a task.

As a kid I’d always loved those soft gooey cookies and I wanted to recreate these. Unfortunately, the cookie dough looked quite pale so I overestimated how much time they had left to cook and they turned out a little crispier than I’d intended – these were more like what I’d call biscuits rather than cookies. Still delicious with a cold glass of milk though.

Difficulty level: 3/5 I screwed up a little on the timings do didn’t get the chewy texture I was hoping for, but that’s not to say they weren’t enjoyable.

Recipe amendments: Swapped raspberries for cherries (fresh, not glace).

Taste: 4/5 A lovely sweet treat thanks to the condensed milk in the recipe.

Chance of remake: 4/5 I’d like to see if I can get a more chewy texture, although I may try more traditional recipes next time that don’t rely on condensed milk.

Read Phil Vickery’s recipe to find out how to make the cookies yourself.

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